scaffolene ® – medical bioresorbable nonwoven technology

Product properties

scaffolene ® technology opens up a wide range of applications for medical nonwovens. The 3D scaffold of the nonwoven can be tailored to meet medical requirements – to form a substrate for cellular adhesion or for use in adhesion prophylaxis.

Hydrophilic or hydrophobic properties can be developed as required for the individual application. The bioresorbable matrix polymers used, such as gelatin, dextran, PVP or PCL determine tissue specific healing properties as well as mechanical properties like the strain pattern and the tear resistance of the nonwoven. In addition, it is possible to combine polymers or to produce multilayer nonwovens with the layers performing different functions.

When dry, scaffolene ® nonwovens are highly flexible and tear-resistant, when wet, they are dimensionally stable and thanks to their consistency, they are also easy to model. The nonwovens are therefore easy to adapt even to rough or irregular surfaces. They can also be sewn or fixed in place. Whether dry or wet, they are easy to cut, ensuring simple portioning in any situation.

During the spinning process, active ingredients such as antibiotics or enzymes can be integrated directly into the fibers of the scaffolene ® fabric. The pharmaceutical substances can be released from the fibers or the degration of them according to the therapeutical requirement for local therapy.

Specially adapted scaffolene ® nonwovens for minimally invasive applications can also be used in laparoscopic or arthroscopic surgery. The flexibility of the dry nonwoven and its dimensional stability when wet ensure that it can be transferred easily through the trocar and safely unfolded and positioned in the body.

  • bioresorbable polymers
  • 3D scaffold
  • incorporation of active ingredients
  • stable even when wet
  • easy to cut
  • easy to portion
  • sewable
  • multilayer possible