scaffolene ® – medical bioresorbable nonwoven technology

scaffolene ® in drug delivery

scaffolene ® technology processes natural or synthetic biopolymers by spinning in an especially gentle process without harmful solvents at low temperatures which do not affect polymers or other thermally unstable substances. During the spinning process, such bioactive ingredients can therefore be directly integrated into the fibers of the nonwoven. Pharmaceutical ingredients are released locally in a controlled way by the degradation of the fabric. This may reduce quantities of bioactive substances used, which are often costly, at the same time as maintaining high local concentrations of active ingredients even over a long time.

The scaffolene ® production process allows a considerably wider range of antibiotics and bioactive substances to be used than was previously the case. scaffolene ® technology also opens up new prospects for applications where high local concentrations are required while minimizing systemic toxicity. This is a typical requirement in oncology. Taking the example of malignant tumors of the ovaries, stomach or pancreas, metastases may be scattered throughout the abdominal cavity by peritoneal fluid. In such cases, a nonwoven which is biocompatible and bioresorbable and releases  cytostatic over a period of weeks may prove to be beneficial.

Biotechnology is creating a greater understanding of substances occurring naturally in the body, biologicals which may accelerate the healing process or replace or regenerate lost body functions. In this area too, bioresorbable nonwovens produced by the gentle scaffolene ® process will open up new possibilities.