scaffolene ® – medical bioresorbable nonwoven technology

scaffolene ® in biosurgery

A large number of fabrics similar to nonwovens are currently used in modern biosurgery. One field of application is intra-operative hemostasis. Following operations, hemostatic materials are left in place where bleeding may occur (e.g. venous plexuses in the pelvic region). However, there are handling problems with the materials now used, as they are either too brittle when dry or insufficiently stable when wet.

Nonwovens produced by scaffolene ® technology are flexible when dry and retain stable even when wet thanks to the hydrogel-like consistency. They do not adhere to themselves and are easy to restore to shape. The material is convenient to use and the positioning and fixing of the nonwoven is made considerably easier.

These properties of our nonwovens open up new applications. A particularly growing field of applications is endoscopic surgery. Nonwovens based on scaffolene ® technology can be applied in dry or wet condition through both standard 10 mm ports and smaller 5 mm ports and can be easily unfolded and positioned in the abdominal cavity. The bioresorbable properties and the time in the body can be adapted to the requirements of specific applications.

Thanks to the gentle spinning process used, scaffolene ® technology allows bioactive substances to be incorporated directly into the fibers. The properties of the nonwoven can therefore be specifically tailored to the needs of biosurgical applications. For example, thrombin may be added to obtain hemostatic properties, antibiotics can be integrated where an antibacterial effect is needed and it is possible to use hydrogels in nonwovens for adhesion prevention.