scaffolene ® – medical bioresorbable nonwoven technology

scaffolene ® in bioactive wound treatment

Chronic wounds which heal poorly still represent a challenge in modern medicine. One of the main problems is the lack of epithelialization, i.e. the growth of epithelial cells over the wound. Epithelialization may start from intact tissue at the edge of the wound. If necessary this process can be accelerated by a complex full-thickness skin graft from other body locations.

The need for the frequent changing of dressings, thereby causing irritation to the regenerating epithelial tissue, is one of the apparently unsolved problems in wound treatment. Our bioresorbable nonwoven does not need to be removed and therefore does not cause pain or damage to the wound edge when dressings are changed. When treating chronic wounds, it is desirable to avoid a full-thickness skin graft. This might be possible by using the bioresorbable nonwoven.

Due to the special 3D structure with defined fibers and porosity, our nonwoven also could be suitable for regeneration or replacement of deeper skin structures. This allows the nonwoven to be used as a dermis replacement providing the space and framework for soft tissue regeneration under a split-thickness skin graft.

With certain indications it may be beneficial to incorporate antimicrobial additives in the nonwoven.