scaffolene ® – medical bioresorbable nonwoven technology

Technology by Freudenberg

The Freudenberg Group was founded more than 165 years ago. Freudenberg is still a family-owned company and is a highly diversified supplier of tailor-made products and services to customers in a number of industries. The range includes seals, vibration control components, filters, nonwovens, surface treatment products, release agents, specialty lubricants and consumer products like vildea® as well as medical products under the brand name HelixMark®.

Throughout the world, Freudenberg stands for considerable innovative power in the processing of established materials in unique new processes. The Group has developed and produced nonwovens since 1936 and is now one of the world's leading manufacturer of nonwovens. Freudenberg is one of the few companies to use all the available nonwoven production processes. The Group has developed and established some of these processes itself, including the production process for spunlaid polyamide nonwovens introduced in 1965.

Freudenberg has been supplying products to the medical and pharmaceutical sector for decades, recording sales of about 250 million euros per year with products for medical applications.

Freudenberg already recognized the possibility of producing especially fine fibers using the rotation spinning process in the 1980s. In 2005, fine fibers in the nanometer range were produced for the first time. In 2007, Freudenberg continued technical development to produce bioresorbable polymers with a particular focus on medical applications using the rotatory spinning process. This was the start of a success story which Freudenberg has introduced on the market under the scaffolene ® brand.